Welcome to Wheelchair-Accessible Taxi 『PINE』

owner-driver :Takehiko Ooizumi

1. The van can accommodate 5 〜 6 passengers including

 1 or 2 wheelchairs and their luggage.

2. I am a certified English-speaking tour guide, caregiver

  and taxi driver.

3. You have to make a reservation by 7 weeks before

  coming to Japan.

4. I also give you some tips on sightseeing about Osaka, Kyoto, Nara.

5. Could you text me the details about you and your wheelchair as soon as possible,please?

6. I will come to your place(hotel,airport,station etc) before guiding to the destination safely.

7. We can also introduce some good Japanese-style restaurants for you.

8. Please text me the arrival date and time,place,destination,nummber of attendants,members'


      MOVIE → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRvSDcpjM28


FARE:46,000 yen each day


①(depending on arrival time) Kansai International Airport → Universal Studio Japan → Kaiyukan Aquarium

②Osaka Castle → Aqua-Liner(Osaka's river) → Tsutenkaku Tower  → The New World District(kushikatsu cutlet) → Dotonbori Downtown

③Mino Forest &Waterfall Park → The Instant Ramen Museum → Arima Onsen Spa Resort(extra payment)


①Arashiyama(Japanese cuisine) → Kinkaku Golden Pavilion → Imamiya Shrine(rice- cake sweet) → Shimogamo Shrine

②Toji Temple → Nijo Castle → Kiyomizu Temple → Sanjusangendo Temple → stroll around Gion area

③Miyama mountainous area(old houses with thatched roof, making buckwheat noodles, gibier dish, pottery ware and scenic beauty)
You can also stay overnight at private houses at 15,000 yen or more.

④Heianjingu Shrine → Nanzennji Shrine(tofu cuisine) → Shoguntuka Hill → Mt.Hiei → Hama Ohtsu → Yasaka Shrine


①Horyuji Temple → Yakushiji Temple → Todaiji Temple(Somen thin noodles) → Kofukuji Temple → Nara Deer Park

*any other plans are negotiable*
(    )・・・without including taxi fare


The Japanese yen or VISA . AMEX


Tolls of expressways, admission fees, parking rates and so on

ACCESS 28ms-pine.2010@maia.eonet.ne.jp


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